First it was Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi and it was Congress Party and now the online crusaders called “The Legion” have struck former liquor Baron Vijay Mallya.

They hacked his Twitter profile and posted the following tweets.

Tweet One:


The partial Vijay Mallya dump can also be found at – link 

Tweet Two:

We did not blackmail Mallya, any and all rumours are assumptions and fake!

He is creating propaganda.

Tweet Three:

People and brothers who support the cause –

Join us!

Email us at

We require info on fucktards like this one!

Tweet Four:

We have shared his personal phone number and 2 addresses, please be sure to contact him.



Tweet Five:

18-19 Cornwall Terrace

Regents Park

London NW1 4QP


Queen Hoo Lane


Hertfordshire AL 6 0LT

+44 7785 291291

Tweet six:

Legion will release a list of all documents pertaining to mallya over the course of few days.

Tweet Seven:

The bank accounts, assets, passports, offshore investments of mallya can be found at – link

Tweet Eight:


We are back with –

Vijay mallya’s assets at several banks

All known passwords of Mr. Mallya. link

Tweet Nine:

This is just a partial dump

More data will be coming over the course of a few days 😉

We are legion.

Do not fuck with us.

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