HudHud, Roanu, Kyant ,Nada and now Vardah. In the recent past, we have seen several cyclones along the Indian Ocean. While some have caused major devastation, others luckily failed to make any impact on the ground. 

But have you ever wondered, how these cyclones get their names?

The word ‘Vardah’ means ‘Red Rose’ and this cyclone was named by Pakistan.

Cyclones are named so that it is easier for the meteorologists to track all the information related to a cyclone. The tradition of naming a cyclone in 1887 at New Zealand. Cyclones were initially given female names and an alphabetical order was followed.

There is a naming system for every ocean. This article deals with the naming system of the Indian ocean. A consortium of Nations like India, Bangladesh, Maldives, Myanmar, Oman, Pakistan,  Sri Lanka and Thailand name the cyclones that arise in the ndian ocean.

This process is cyclic and as mentioned previously an alphabetical order is followed.
<<<Image courtesy: Paul Oommen>>>

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