What are the implications of a washed out winter session?

National News

Indian Parliament meets thrice (sometimes twice) every year for the budget, monsoon and the winter session. This year’s winter session has however been extremely lacklustre. 

The issue of demonetization was the topic that was  raked up everyday and in the melee Parliament failed to function. But what does this mean for the common man?

  • The cost of running a Parliament for a minute is ₹2.5 lakh meaning on an average ₹ 1.3 crore of public fund is spent. Multiple adjournments only mean waste of public money and time.
  • Backlog of bills : several important bills such as maternity bill, mental health bill continue to remain pending. These issues are just as vital as 500-1000 rupee issue.
  • No debate: Parliament is  the temple of democracy. Debates and deliberations are what set us apart from countries like Pakistan. But if no meaningful debate is held, then such exercises are useless. Indian politician must deliberate in house.

Politicians must set aside all differences. This is Parliament after all, and the public is watching.

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