The Richter’s scale used to measure the magnitude of an earthquake is very sensitive. It can pick up the slightest tremor, but this scale failed on January 20th. 

A massive earthquake was seen, the focus of this earthquake was Washington DC and on its radar was New Delhi.

Yes, the earthquake in question is the swearing-in ceremony of Donald Trump. But why does this matter to India?

1) Obama Care

On his very first day in office Donald Trump asked for the removal of Barack Obama’s Affordable Healthcare popularly known as ObamaCare. India is a pharmaceutical hub and supplies drugs at affordable rate. Killing Obamacare means destroying the billion dollar pharma industry of India.

2) Trade:

With Trump willing to relook at NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) several  free trade treaties around the world could be altered. India has several Free Trade Agreements with America and it’s neighbors. If  trade fails it will also impact India’s GDP.

3) IT

Apart from making norms for  H1B visas tighter, Trump’s proposal to set 1,00,000$ as the minimum wage and ‘Hire Americans’ policy will only impact IT bigwigs like Infosys and TCS.

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