Another uneventful Filmfare would have gone by, but then Harshvardhan Kapoor (Anil Kapoor’s son) started a cat fight after he tweeted this…


Don’t feel entitled to any award,I’m questioning the principle of who is a newcomer,have zero problems losing to a genuine newcomer

Harsh, who made his debut in the movie Mirziya, was upset after Daljit Dosanjh (a noted Punjabi actor) was awarded the best newcomer of the year by Filmfare.Harsh pointed out that it was unfair to award a person who was already established in another industry. According to Harsh, Daljith was technically not a newcomer because he already had experience in a different field of course.

Award Wapsi Gang of Bollywood!

This is not the first time someone from Bollywood has slammed the award ceremonies that take place in India.In an interview Action star Akshay Kumar revealed that he was asked to pay money if wanted to win Best Actor award.

Dangal star Aamir Khan never attends any Indian award shows and even called them a joke as the organisers always presented awards according to their whims and fancies.
The list doesn’t end their Kangana Ranaut, Arjun Rampal , Irrfan and Rishi Kapoor have expressed displeasure over Indian award shows.

The solution:

With every television channel hosting an award show, the novelty factor associated with such an event is lost. Instead of having 100 award shows, we must have only one. Oscar, Cannes film festival draw the best crowd because of their foolproof voting system, Bollywood could implement that too. Bollywood needs to make these changes to ensure it doesn’t loose it’s credibility.

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