’36 seconds of horror’ is the only apt title for this video that has emerged from Hyderabad. 

A woman was dragged for 100 meters on the roads of this metropolitan city, and not one person came forward to help. She lay on the road, and vehicles just passed by, as if she were invisible.

This incident took place on January 24th,  at Attapur, a busy neighborhood in Hyderabad.


The victim had actually been hit by the auto driver before this incident took place. The two got into an altercation and this drew a small crowd. The auto driver then tried to escape from the scene. But the woman refused to let go of this man and held on to the side railings of the auto.

She  was then dragged on the road as he fled away.  A few people (presumably relatives/acquaintances of the victim) were seen chasing the auto driver. As the woman lay bruised on the road, no one came forward to help the woman in any manner.

A case has been registered at Rajendranagar Police Station under section 337 of the Indian Penal Code for rash and negligent driving. The footage will be enhanced and the police are trying to identify the driver.
Video two:

(Video courtesy: Paul)

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