Raees star SRK sports trouble…again!


The movie is called ‘Raees’ (meaning: Rich), but ironically, the team came up with a poor marketing strategy!

Shahrukh Khan, as we all know, is a very busy star and wanted to cover several major cities in a short span of time. His marketing team then came up with the strategy of promoting the movie through Rail.

The team booked the August Sampark Kranti to travel from Mumbai to Delhi and touched several important cities en route.






When a ‘fan’died


SRK was supposed to meet and greet his fans at Vadodara, but mayhem ensued when Cricket stars Irfan and Yusuf Pathan arrived at the station too.

The RPF had a tough time with crowd management and had to resort to force.

Farid Khan, a fan of the star, was there at the station and collapsed due to the mayhem. Farid was taken to a hospital and declared DOA.






Bad move


Not just the safety of the star, the well-being of the commuters and fans present at a station is the responsibility of the railway’s authority.

As far,  the PR stunt is concerned, it is surprising that makers of Raees approved the idea of train travel. SRK is a big star, how could they assume travelling in a train was safe for him? He could have been mobbed or attacked easily.

Profit or loss is not the only thing that should concern an actor. Well being of their fans is important too, after all it is a fan who creates a star, not vice-versa!

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