Election season is here and so is the season to make absurd statements. 

A day after Congress announced that Priyanka Gandhi was the party’s star campaigner, this is what BJP’s star campaigner Vinay Katiyar had to say…

What difference does her presence make? There are prettier campaigners than her. There are several actors who look better.

Priyanka, however, took no time to react and said this to Katiyar…

He exposes BJP’s mindset towards the better half of the population of India.

The statement from Katiyar shocked many, several noted personalities took to Twitter and slammed the BJP leader for his unsavoury comment.

Rahul Kanwal

Crazy day. After Sharad Yadav’s sexist shocker, now BJP’s Vinay Katiyar says BJP has prettier women than Priyanka. What’s everyone smoking?

Sharmistha Mukherjee

Disgusting & disgraceful remark of BJP MP Vinay Katiyar  commodifies women. His own female relatives shd condemn him  strongly & publicly

Suhel Seth

Why does the @BJP4India have louts such as VINAY Katiyar in their ranks?They are drags on a party and not a value-addition. Regressive dolt.

Picture abhi baaki  hai

Not just the BJP MP, veteran SP leader Sharad Yadav, made an absurd analogy during a poll campaign.

The leader was trying to explain the importance of voting, but instead failed miserably!

It is very important to educate people in a big way about how the ballot paper works. The honour of being able to cast a vote is a much bigger honour than your daughter’s honour

Politicians are no ordinary citizens. Their words carry weight. They have a fan following and represent people of their constituency. The example they set, is the example others will follow.

Demeaning women will encourage others to molest and harass women. Plus this is the 21st century, women are the driving force in several sectors, why limit their contribution to their beauty alone?

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