Are you a doctor planning to get into Indira Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences? Planning to serve the patients at this premier institute in Patna?


But before you join the institute there is just one form you need to fill… A form to declare your VIRGINITY!

Yes, a virginity form, a form where employees are expected to declare the following:


Virginity Status


Marital Status

Number of wives

Number of Husband’s wives


After several media outlets covered this story, the baffled hospital has now changed the word Virginity to Unmarried.


They claim that this was merely a case of ‘poor translation’ and the word virgin didn’t mean ‘virginity’. The hospital fails to realise that such poor worded forms can demoralise employees as this is an invasion into one’s private life.

But may be next time, the hospital can also issue a form inquiring into the the details of their employees education? May be?

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