Sorry ladies, time to grab those tissues, because Prince Harry is taken! Yes and this time it’s official!

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Prince Harry is all set to walk the aisle with television star Meghan Markle. The announcement was made on Twitter by his father Prince of Wales Charles.

The announcement says the couple had been engaged earlier this month (November 2017) and would marry in spring 2018.

Changing Times for Royals:

Just like his older brother, Prince William, Harry is not marrying an aristocrat. He is marrying a commoner too, but this marriage is unique in more ways. Meghan is not just a commoner. She is a US citizen who was previously married but divorced after 2 years of marriage. She is half-black, also making her the first person of colour to join the royal family. While the world is rooting for Meghan, Brits are not so excited over this as they think Meghan is too ‘over exposed’ due to her stint as an actress and doubt if this marriage would last. Prince Harry has had a long list of girlfriends and was known as a wild party child. His commitment phobia haunted his exes. But either way the couple are expected to breathe of fresh air into the losing charm of the Royals. People are bored of plain- jane Kate and hopefully Meghan will spice things up for the Clarence House!

Blog by Isheeta Bali

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