National News

On Thursday, Congress Social Media Cell Head Divya Spandana set the Twitter buzzing, but for all the wrong reasons. she tweeted a picture of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel and captioned it ‘is it bird dropping’

Almost immediately the tweet sparked off a political war, but more importantly it received widespread condemnation from all quarters.

While BJP said that Ramya’s insult at directed at the PM, Ramya said she was merely hinting at the bird droppings at the statue.

Several journalists asked Ramya to apologise but the former Sandalwood actress remained adamant.

Ramya also known as Divya Spandana brazened it out and refused to apologise over the issue.

This however isn’t the first time Ramya has raked up controvery, she has repeatedly poked fun at Prime Minister Narendra Modi. from feku to chor she has used every instance to insult Modi.

While Rahul professes to follow the politics of love. his team does otherwise the real question is will Ramya apologise and above all will Rahul reprimand his team?

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