Should I stop eating carb and eat only proteins? Follow Crash diet, Atkins Diet or the Paleo Diet? Cardio or weight training? Drink this or drink that?

For all those who wish to loose weight, questions like these may hound you constantly. But weight loss is no rocket science. All that is needed is consistency, effort and the right approach.

How to do it right:

Weight loss is a number game. Our body needs 2400 calories to sustain the daily grind and the only way one can lose weight is to burn more calories than we consume.

People stress so much on exercising that they forget to pay attention to their diet. People tend to skip meals and this is the wrong approach.

Weight loss must be healthy and must involve a long-term plan. Never lose than 10% of your body weight in one month. It can impact your health. Healthy weight loss is a must and can be achieved by the following ways:

1) Eat healthy:

The first thing to follow is to eat the right way. Cut out the unhealthy food from your diet. Avoid eating starch (white rice), oily food, sweets or products with added sugar, red meat (lamb, beef and pork) and salt. Eat more of fruits and vegetables, white meat (chicken, fish and sea food) and egg whites

2) Don’t skip meals:

Never skip any meal be it your breakfast, lunch or dinner. Skipping meals drops blood sugar levels and in the long run can lead to loss of muscles and make you lethargic and moody.

3) Break the habit…slowly:

Dietary habits are very tough to change. Make changes slowly as body takes time to adapt. Don’t suddenly stop eating something. Your body will crave it and you will end up binge eating.

4) Exercising:

Doing cardio and stretching help in quick weight loss. But if your work schedule or age prevents you from this rigorous work out then, try power yoga, walking or skipping. Exercising daily and consistently is the key to healthy weight loss.

5) Stay positive:

Remember weight loss takes time. You will not loss weight instantly. Be consistent with your efforts and the results will appear in the future. Keep yourself motivated and don’t ever let your guard down.

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