When it comes to health, people usually refrain from taking any chances. But there are several myths that refuse to die down. Let us bust several myths that are simply far away from the truth.

Myth 1 : All bacteria’s cause diseases

Busted: Not all bacterias are unhealthy. Lactobacillus and Bifido bacteria commonly known as Probiotics, is beneficial for health. They are found in yogurt and fermented food. They keep our gut healthy and help in warding off conditions like Diarrhea and Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Myth 2 : Fat is unhealthy!

Busted: The oil and fat we consume can be classified into Polyunsaturated Fatty acid (PUFA), Mono Unsaturated Fatty Acid (MUFA) and Saturated Fatty Acid.

PUFA (present in Avocado, Walnut & Flax seeds) plus MUFA (present in Olive Oil) are extremely healthy. In fact avoid Saturated Fatty Acids (present in Butter, Ghee and Dalda) as they are unhealthy.

Myth 3: Tooth extraction can make you blind

Busted: Extracting tooth is no joke. Patients are cranky, nervous, uncooperative and added to this chaos is a myth that getting your upper teeth removed can make you blind.

Major nerves that supply Maxilla (upper jaw) are Zygomatic Nerve and Posterior Superior Alveolar Nerve. Major nerves that supply eyes are Oculomotor Nerve and Trochlear Nerve.

Meaning, eyes and jaws are two separate entities and hence tooth extraction has no effect on eyes.

Myth 4 : Oral sex is safer than vaginal sex or anal sex

Busted: People usually assume that Sexually Transmitted Infections spread only when partners indulge in penetrative sex. This idea is false. If oral sex is performed without precaution a person can acquire Herpes, HPV, Chlamydia and even HIV.

Myth 5: The 5 second rule

Busted: How many times have you quickly picked up your food, brushed it off and eaten it? Well sadly, the 5 second rule is an urban legend. Once the food is dropped it acquires dirt and bacteria regardless of the time period. The best thing to do is wash the food or simply discard it.

Myth 6: The blood in your veins is blue in colour

Busted : When a doctor or a nurse draws blood from veins for a test, the first question that patients ask is, If my veins are blue in color, why is my blood not blue?

The answer is optic illusion. The deoxygenated blood in your vein is dark red in colour (oxygenated blood carried in arteries is bright red) and veins that carry this dark blood, are situated closer to the skin. The different wavelengths are processed differently, making the veins look blue in colour.

Myth 7: Blood donation affects your sexual performance

Busted: A person who donates blood can take part in any day-to-day activity, even sex. The balancing mechanism in the body (homeostasis) usually compensates for the blood that is lost. The blood circulation to pelvic area remains intact even after donating blood.

Myth 8: Standing under the hot sun will provide you with Vitamin D

Busted: Yes, Sun is a source of Vitamin D. The Ultraviolet rays present in the light spectrum help in Vitamin D Synthesis. But these rays are in abundance only during sunrise. Standing under the hot sun is of no use. Not only will this tan your skin, it can also make a person prone to skin cancer.

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