While tension escalated at the border, BJP Karnataka State President BS Yeddyurappa came under heavy criticism over his remarks over the situation.

While speaking to media, Former Karnataka Chief Minister claimed that the situation between the two warring nations could help BJP garner 22 Lok Sabha seats in Karnataka.

In the 20 seconds video shared by Congress Leader Siddaramaiah, BS Yeddyurappa is heard saying,

PM promised to avenge each drop of blood of the soldiers. He did it. People across the country are welcoming this. Several parties are welcoming this. Youth are celebrating this. This will result in helping us win 22 Lok Sabha seats

BS Yeddyurappa, BJP Karnataka President

Soon after facing severe criticism, BS Yeddyurappa claimed that his statements were misrepresented. Going to add that this wasn’t the first time he said that BJP would garner ’22 seats under Modi’s leadership’

This tweet evoked a strong reaction from media as well the general public. Following which Yeddyurappa clarified again.

The comment failed to cut ice within the BJP as well, some even publicly condemned Yeddyurappa’s comment.

At a time when the country is awaiting the safe return of Wing Commander Abhinandan, comments that politicise this sensitive topic must be avoided. These comments can demotivate our soldiers who are on the line of duty.

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