On Friday, twitter was abuzz with the hashtag #ShameOnKaranJohar. Several social media users were baffled, what did Karan do? Did he make another anti-Kangana remark? Did he open up about his sexuality? Did he spew venom against Taimur?

What could Karan Johar have possibly done to deserve this hate? In fact, for once, Mr-Know-it-all Kamal R Khan admitted to being oblivious to what was happening.

The controversy actually broke out after Karan Johar liked a ‘derogatory’ tweet against Shahrukh Khan. What’s worse, the tweet was praising Akshay Kumar’s Kesari and also belittled Sharukh Khan’s Zero

Soon all hell broke loose, Shahrukh Khan fans targetted Karan even reminding the ‘ungrateful’ director of the instance when Shahrukh saved him from Underworld.

Soon Karan clarified, claiming innocence, like all noobs, insisting that it was a ‘technical problem’

But this apology didn’t satisfy the stans, following which Shahrukh himself was forced to intervene in the situation. Revealing why Karan actually liked the controversial tweet in question

While all seems well for now, fans are still furious, may be this could force Karan to direct a new movie with Shahrukh perhaps to placate the fans

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