It is the seventh phase of polling in the Lok Sabha elections and like every responsible citizen Farhan Akhtar took to Twitter to appeal to voters to cast their votes. But instead of receiving praise for his effort, the actor was laughed at and scorned at. But why?

Well for starters the actor took on BJP’s Bhopal candidate Pragya Thakur, so of course BJP supporters were to counter the actor, but the actor also made a glaring factual error

While asking voters from Bhopal to not to vote for BJP, the actor made a fool out of himself as the constituency already witnessed polling last week.

The actor was also slammed for being insensitive. His usage of the phrase ‘full-of-gas’ also irked many as they believed it was disrespectful towards the victims of Bhopal Gas Tragedy.

Here is how the Twitterati responded to Farhan’s gaffe.

Hours later Farhan responded to his trolls, saying that while many ‘held his neck for getting the date wrong, those who got history wrong were welcomed with open arms’

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