Right after Balakot Airstrikes took, Karnataka BJP chief predicted a win on 22 seats out of the 28 seats from the southern state. If exit polls are to be believed that BJP will win no less than 17 seats in Karnataka. This also marks the end of JDS’ political aspirants as Congress will now stop letting it dictate terms. Plus there is a big suspense over who wins Mandya, If Sumalatha wins then it’s a big upset for JDS chief HD Devegowda’s grandson Nikhil

Axis Exit Polls:

BJP: 21-26

Congress-JD(S): 3-6

Others: 1

VMR Exit Polls

BJP: 21

Congress-JDS 7

Others: 0

CNX exit polls

BJP: 17

Congress- lJDS: 11

Others: 0

Jan Ki Baat Exit Polls

BJP: 18-20

Congress- JDS: 7-10

Others: 0-1

CVoter Exit Polls

BJP: 18

Congress- JDS: 9

Others: 1

Poll of Polls

BJP: 19

Congress-JDS: 9

Others: 1

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