Actor Vivek Oberoi faced massive flak after he shared a meme on his social media page. Vivek Shared a meme created by another use which featured his ex-girlfriend Aishwarya Rai.

The meme had three sections wherein the first third featured Aishwarya with her ex-boyfriend Salman Khan with the caption ‘Opinion Poll’, the second third featured Aishwarya with Vivek with the caption ‘Exit Poll’ and third portion featured Aishwarya with her husband Abhishek and their daughter Aradhya with the caption ‘Results’. The meme was shared a day after Exit Polls and three days ahead of the results of Lok Sabha Elections.

Several we’re offended as Aishwarya’s daughter was featured in the tweet.

Even his own fraternity members slammed the actor for dragging in Aishwarya into this meme controversy

But there were many who backed the actor, claimimg that the meme was unnecesarily taken out of context.

National Commission for Women took note of the tweet and issued a notice to the actor, seeking an explanation from him for sharing an ‘unethical, disrespectful, offensive’ tweet involving a woman and a minor.

The actor however remained brazen, he said that he had done no wrong by sharing the meme and slammed Sonam Kapoor over her tweet.

The actress, her family and Salman Khan have not reacted to the controversy yet.


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