Turning 37 is a milestone worth celebrating on a yatch, but looks like things didn’t go as planned for Global superstar Priyanka Chopra.

The actress faced major flak after she was seen smoking while celebrating her birthday on a yatch with her husband, mother & friends. The actress was smoking a cigarette, while her husband Nick Jonas and mother Madhu Chopra were seen smoking a cigar on a yatch in US.

Smoke over nothing?

While some users targeted Priyanka for smoking publically. Others had a different reason for slamming the actress.

During Diwali 2018, Priyanka put out a video urging people not to burst crackers as she was an asthmatic. She pointed out that the smoke from crackers impacts breathing pattern of those suffering from asthma and animals & urged people not to celebrate Diwali.

This offended several Twitter users who accused Priyanka of targeting Hindu festivals.

The users pointed out that Priyanka was being hypocritical while asking people not to burst crackers but on the other hand didn’t mind smoking publically.



Priyanka also received flak for bursting crackers during her wedding in Jodhpur. Massive fireworks at the grand wedding too had irked several social media users.

However many also defended the actress over her choice, saying it was unfair to target people for smoking.

Practice what you preach

Actors and those living in public life must be careful of what they say. While it is ok for an adult to smoke, but practicing the opposite of what you preach will only lead to public condemnation.

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