Indian Space & Research Organisation (ISRO) created history by launching Chandrayaan 2- its historic mission to the moon which is expected to study the Lunar South Pole, an area where no other nation has gone before.

The mission is expected to take 48 days to reach to the Moon & will make India the fourth country to complete a Soft Lunar Landing.

The mission took off from Satish Dhawan Space Station at Sriharikota, a week after the scientists had to abort the mission.

The Lift Off took place at 2:43 pm as per International Standard Time. Moments before the mission was to launch, tense scientists were carefully monitoring the situation. Once the 640 tonne rocket took off, massive applause reverberated across the hall.

GSLV Mark III is ISRO’s largest and the most powerful launch vehicle. The mission carries three key components- An orbiter, Lander named Vikram & Pragyaan- the moon rover. The rover is expected to map Lunar surface. Scientists are also hoping to find the presence of water on the lunar surface through this mission.

The entire Indian twitterverse was extremely jubilant over this development. Several wishes poured in, including that of Prime Minister Narendra Modi & President Ramnath Kovind.

While the entire country was celebrating the launch, Congress faced massive flak over its ‘selfgoal’ tweet. India’s grand old party lost no time in trying to appropriate the success. Instead of crediting the success to ISRO, they credited Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru & Manmohan Singh.

This statement has irked many & has even triggered a political war of words.

This success solely belongs to the hardworking scientists & the ground staff at ISRO, appropriating this for political gains will only lower the stature of political discourse in India.

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