One of many things that makes me a proud Indian is our amazing culture. While the world has always looked down on India as a country full of snake charmers and elephants, India has much more to offer than what meets the eye. Here are a few reasons why India is the cultural capital of the world.

Rust free since 912 BC!

The grandeur and the calligraphy of the world’s largest brick minaret Qutub Minar is certainly breathtaking. But what really intrigues me is the Loha Stambh or the Iron Pillar located in the Qutub Complex .

The iron pillar was built in 912 BC and suprisingly has not rusted till date. While stainless steel was discovered in the 20th century by the Western scientists, Indian metallurgists had already perfected their art more than 2000 years ago.

The floating pillar

Photo credits: unknown

A pillar that stands firm and yet doesn’t touch the ground? Yes, you read that right. The Lepakshi temple at Andhra Pradesh is an architectural wonder, the skill and the exemplary talent of Indian craftsman is evident from this stoned marvel.

A pillar located in the temple premises appears to float midair. While several theories exist till date scientist and architects from around the country have no explanation as to how this is even possible.

Ellora Caves

Ever wondered why these 34 caves ever made it to UNESCO World Heritage site list?

Well the answer is simple. These caves are neither natural nor a structure built with bricks. But these caves were CHISELED out from a mountain range.

Chandagiri mountain range was converted into a group of cave temples over a course of 500 years.
The caves temples houses both Hindu gods and Jain symbols.

Rani ki ‘wow’

At Patan, Gujarat exists a ‘temple’ like no other. Rani ki vav or the Queens step-well is a marvel.

From the beautiful apsaras to Vishnu sleeping underneath the thousand hooded serpents this seven floor step-well is indeed a treasure trove

While the list of monumental wonders in India are countless, one can only help but wondered how advanced our ancestors were in the field of art and science to produce these marvels.

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