The Covid battered city of Mumbai was spared damage from Nisarga after cyclone slightly changed its course and made a landfall near Alibaug, which is nearly 110 km from India’s financial capital. However, two people from Pune and one person lost their lives due to cyclone.

The cyclone which developed in the Arabian Sea hit Maharashtra’s coastal districts with wind speeds of up to 120 kilometres per hour. India Meteorological Department revealed that Nisarga had weakened into a ‘cyclonic storm’ in the evening and by night further weakened into a deep depression. Coastal districts of Raigad and Palghar, however, bore the brunt of the storm experiencing strong winds, heavy rainfall and raging sea surge. Tidal waves measuring up to 6-8 feet lashed parts of the coastal areas.

Mahatma Gandhi’s statue outside the Indian Embassy in Washington DC was desecrated by vandals amidst Black Lives Matter protests in the state. Reports have emerged that United States Park Police have launched an investigation into the matter.

The incident comes at a time when protests against African American National George Floyd’s death have intensified across USA, thousands of demonstrators hit the streets demanding an end to police brutality. Meanwhile, post mortem report of George Floyd reveals that he had a heart attack while being restrained by officers. Floyd had also tested positive for coronavirus but he may have been asymptomatic. The report notes that Floyd’s lungs appeared healthy but had narrowing of arteries in the heart.


As cases of Coronavirus continues to spiral in the state of Karnataka, the state government has extended quarantine norms especially those returning from Maharashtra. In a new order issued by the Karnataka Health Ministry, Returnees from Maharashtra will be sent to institutional quarantine for 7 days followed by 14 days strict Home quarantine.

Shops, business establishments, offices, malls, religious places will check for hand stamping and if anyone found violating these norms they will immediately be reported to police. However returnees from other states will be asked to follow 14 days of home quarantine. The state will screen all those returning at entry points and it has made it mandatory for those returning to install the seva sindhu app.

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