Congress Sacks Sachin Pilot

In a big political development, Congress Party sacked Sachin Pilot today from the post of Rajasthan’s Deputy Chief Minister & State Party President. This move comes after Sachin Pilot rebelled against Chief Minister of the state Ashok Gehlot.

Congress’ decision was made public by Randeep Surjewala who said, “With a very heavy heart we have decided to remove Sachin Pilot from the post of the Deputy Chief Minister and the Pradesh Congress Chief. We have also decided to remove Vishvendra Singh and Ramesh Meena. This is because they have joined the BJP’s conspiracy to destabilise the Congress government in Rajasthan.”

Massive speculation has however arisen over Pilot’s next move. While Pilot remains tight lipped, many are expecting him to float his own party, while on the other hand, rumours are rife that Sachin could join the BJP just like Jyotiraditya Scindia, Tom Vadakkan and Rita Bahuguna.

Big loss for India as Iran moves ahead with Chabahar Rail project

India loses Chabahar to China?

In a development that could come as a big diplomatic blow to India, especially at a time when it is engaged in a fight with China, Iranian govt has decided to proceed with the construction of rail line between the critical Chabahar port to Zahedan after the govt claimed that India was yet to transfer the funds.

In 2016, India & Iran had signed an agreement to construct a railway line along Afghanistan-Iran border & this project would be completed by 2022. However Iran has gone ahead with the construction and govt says $400 Million will now be used from Iranian National Development Fund for this project.

This development is especially worrisome as China & Iran are on the verge of sealing a 25 year deal wherein China is expected to invest $400 Billion in Iran on the pretext of a Strategic partnership.

Covid Degree stamp irks students in Maharashtra

A massive online campaign saw #SayNoToCovidDegree trend after netizens slammed Maharashtra govt for awarding students of first & second year of state run universities with degrees that said ‘Promoted (Covid 19)’ on it.

Students and netizens registered their discontent saying the degree will impact their careers as their future recruiters may not consider their degrees at par with other students.

Remember, the Maharashtra govt has vehemently opposed Center’s directions to hold final year exams & it remains to be seen if they will issue new degrees to students.

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