Art, they say, mimics life and Sushant Singh Rajput’s final work Dil Bechara constantly draws parallels, reminding viewers of the subtle ways in which fiction mirrors reality.

The film is an adaptation of the popular book, ‘the Fault in Our Stars’ and revolves around the story of Kizzie Basu, a cancer patient who is struggling to cope with her life as her fight against the disease gets overwhelming.

Kizzie crosses path with Emmanuel Rajkumar Junior aka Manny, a self-confessed Rajinikanth fan. Manny’s exuberance and vivacious persona initially rubs off Kizzie the wrong way.

However, the two become friends after Kizzie learns that Manny is an osteosarcoma survivor who lost his leg in his battle against cancer.

Manny charms his way in and convinces Kizzie to star in a film that is being directed by his friend who is battling optic nerve cancer.

Love blossoms between the two, however Kizzie’s condition worsens. Undeterred by the health scare, Kizzie is determined to travel to Paris to meet her favourite singer.

While her parents furiously object, Manny intervenes and convinces them to let Kizzie travel. The story then takes an unexpected turn as Manny confesses to Kizzie that his cancer has resurfaced.

The movie starts off with some light hearted moments, however, the last half an hour get extremely emotional. The scenes where Manny rehearses his last journey and the final tribute scene are an uncanny co-incidence.

I haven’t read the original book or seen the movie, so I had no benchmark to compare this movie to. However, if you are a Sushant Singh Rajput or are just watching the movie in the light of the recent incident like me, then this movie is a perfect tribute to the late star.

Sushant makes you laugh, he makes you cry and is at his expressive best while performing the title track of the movie.

“The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves” this Shakespearean quote from Julius Caesar lays the foundation to the book, however, it also serves us as reminder of how fragile life can be.

Rest in peace Sushant, and for those grieving his loss, the movie does bring in a sense of closure and solace.

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