Rajasthan Governor poses 3 conditions to state govt over assembly demand

Rajasthan Governor Kalraj Mishra issued a statement saying that the assembly session can be convened in short time frame if the Ashok Gehlot led government’s agenda is conduct floor test.

While asking the state government to formulate a new proposal, Mishra drew the attention of CM to 3 crucial aspects.

He said the Assembly session can be convened if the government issues a 21-day notice but if Gehlot govt seek to prove their majority assembly can be held on a shorter notice.

He said the proceeding must be broadcast live and added that precautions must be taken inside the assembly to prevent any likely spread of coronavirus.

Hong Kong doctor’s startling COVID-19 cover-up claim

Professor Kwok-Yung Yuen, who is a microbiologist from Hong Kong had investigated the disease outbreak in Wuhan, said the evidence at the Huanan market (where the virus outbreak began) was destroyed.

Yuen spoke to an international news agency saying, “When we went to the Huanan supermarket, of course, there was nothing to see because the market was clean already. So, you may say that the crime scene is already disturbed because the supermarket was cleared. We cannot identify any host which is giving the virus to humans.”
According to Johns Hopkins, China recorded 86,570 COVID-19 cases, however many nations are of the opinion that China has vastly underreported it.

First batch Rafale jets to arrive in India

Years after India signed an agreement with France to procure 36 Rafale fighter aircraft for Rs 59,000-crore, The first batch of Rafale jets took off from France for India.
The aircraft flew out from Bordeaux airbase and will traverse 7,000 km with air-to-air refuelling and a single stop in the United Arab Emirates before arriving at Ambala airbase on July 29th.

The aircraft will bolster Indian Air Force’s combat capabilities. Officials reveal 10 aircraft have been delivered to India on schedule, however five will stay back in France for training missions. Delivery of all 36 aircrafts will be completed by the end of 2021.

The first Rafale jet was handed over India in October 2019 when Defence Minister Rajnath Singh visited France.

Karnataka records over one lakh COVID-19 cases

Karnataka health department has revealed that the state has recorded over 1 Lakh coronavirus cases after the state recorded its biggest single-day spike yet of 5,324 cases and 75 deaths.

1,01,465 COVID-19 cases have been now been recorded in the state, and this includes 1,953 deaths and 37,685 discharges. Out of 5,324 fresh cases, 1,470 are Bengaluru city.

This is the fourth consecutive day wherein reported over 5,000 daily cases.

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