Airports Authority of India faces heat over Kozhikode Tragedy

Airports Authority of India has said that it will take “corrective action” once investigation details into Kozhikode airport crash are submitted by Aircraft Accident Investigation Bureau.

On August 7th, a plane from Dubai crashed in Kozhikode when the pilot attempted to land the plane on the runway. Digital Flight Data Recorder & Cockpit Voice Recorder have been recovered, however the reason for the crash is not known.

Kozhikode airport would handle 140 flights daily in the pre-covid era. However, ever since flight services resumed from May 25, the airport has seen 10 departures and 10 arrivals per day.

PM’s week-long campaign for Swachh India

Prime Minister Narendra Modi kickstarted week-long garbage-free India campaign ahead of Independence Day, while re-inforcing the Swachh Bharat Mission. PM also launched the Rashtriya Swachhata Kendra, an interactive experience centre at Gandhi Smriti and Darshan Samiti at Rajghat.

Imagine the situation if a COVID-19-like pandemic had hit us before 2014. Due to lack of toilets, could we have checked the spread of the infection. Had lockdown been possible when 60 per cent of the population was forced to defecate in open. Poverty, compulsion to defecate in open, single use plastic, discrimination, terror and violence, corruption, finding water with great difficulty have to quit India

Narendra Modi, Prime Minister

“Gandagi Mukt Bharat” campaign aims to “honour swaraj” and was launched on th anniversary of Quit India Movement. PM has directed district level officials to construct and repair toilets in villages during the week and stressed on prioritising areas areas where migrant workers resided

Protests in Beirut over Port blast

Beirut Police clashed with protetsers in Lebanon’s capital as massive protests broke out against the explosion that devastated the capital and killed over 150 people.

The huge blast that took place on August 4th after 2700 tonnes of ammonium nitrate that was improperly stored at the port for more than six years was set off. The blast has caused an estimated damaged of $10-15 billion and has left thousands homeless.

Riot police fired tear gas at protesters near Parliament who hurled stones and tried to jump over barricades that close the road leading to the legislature.

The protesters later set on fire a truck that was fortifying barriers on a road leading to parliament. The army issued a statement and has asked protesters to act peacefully and abstain from closing roads or attacking public or private property.

Mauritius scrambles to contain oil spill

Makeshift oil spill barriers were created in Mauritius after tons of fuel leaked from a grounded ship endangering wildlife alongside the coast of the island nation.

The Mauritius government has declared an environmental emergency. Satellite images show a dark slick spreading in the pristine wetland bound waters.

Environmentalists and volunteers rescued baby tortoises and rare plants from an island near the spill, Ile aux Aigrettes, to the mainland.

Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth says the spill “represents a danger” for the country of 1.3 million people that relies heavily on tourism and has been been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic. Heavy winds are expected to push the oil slick even farther along the mainland’s shore. A Mauritius Meteorological Services has predicted that the seas will be rough with swells beyond the reefs and “ventures in the open seas are not advised.”

The country also has appealed to the United Nations for urgent aid, including experts in containing oil spills and environmental protection. A police inquiry has been opened into possible negligence.

Online ship trackers showed the Panama-flagged bulk carrier had been en route from China to Brazil. The ship’s owners are listed as the Japanese companies Okiyo Maritime Corporation and Nagashiki Shipping Co. Ltd.

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