Days after an African-American man named George Floyd’s killing by Minneapolis cops sparked ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement in America, yet another instance of racially motivated police brutality has emerged after a 29 year old African American named Jacob Blake was shot seven times by the cops in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Blake was reportedly unarmed when the incident took place.

This police brutality has led to violent protests across the state of Wisconsin. At least two people were killed and one person was injured after firing was reported at a protest site in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Both the victims and the shooters are yet to be identified. Media reports claimed that shooting occurred during a violent standoff between protesters and armed gunmen. These gunmen were reportedly guarding a near-by gas station when the protests turned awry.

Many businesses were vandalised and buildings were set ablaze in a second day of protests after the incident of police brutality. Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers declared a state of emergency, adding that he would deploy more state National Guard troops to contain the violence.

After the protests turned violent, President Donald Trump said that federal officers will be sent to Kenosha. Donald Trump in an announcement said that federal law enforcement and the National Guard will ‘restore law and order’ in Wisconsin.

The footage of the incident shows the 29-year-old African American, identified as Jacob Blake, leaning into a car, before an officer grabs him by the shirt and opens fire.

All seven shots can be heard in the video, along with the screams of his children, who were seated in the car at the time of the incident.

Blake is reportedly in a stable condition, receiving treatment at the hospital.

The ‘Black Lives Matter’ protest has caused a deep churn in the American society, forcing it to take a close look at its fault lines and at its police force and to indeed ‘protect and serve’ every citizen of the society irrespective of their race.

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