With the COVID-19 pandemic drastically impacting the functioning of Parliament, Centre had to change several traditional rules.

Day to Day working of Parliament explained

This year’s monsoon session of Parliament will not have the Question Hour, the Zero Hour will be curtailed to 30 minutes and no private members’ bills will be tabled.

There will be no Question Hour during the Session. In view of the request of the government owing to the prevailing extraordinary situation due to COVID-19, the Speaker has directed that no day be fixed for the transaction of Private Members’ Business during the Session

Loksabha Secretariat

In addition, there will be no breaks in the session from September 14 to October 1. The sessions will be held in the staggered shifts of 9 AM to 1 PM & 3 PM to 7 PM.

However, this decision by the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha secretariats sparked a massive uproar with opposition accusing the Centre of stiffling democracy.

Many even asking the Centre to reverse this decision and allow the regular discourse in Parliament.

The Centre clarified and revealed that this was being done to ensure safety and well being of MPs. Centre reason that if the question hour is held, then officers from ministries will have to come to Parliament making the place crowded.

Centre also added that most of the opposition had in fact agreed to Centre’s proposal earlier.

In fact government has allowed for the provision to remain unstarred questions (questions are those to which written answers are provided by the ruling government) and presiding officers of both the Houses have been requested to facilitate the same.

With massive politics being played ahead of the parliamentary session, can the common man, who is already reeling under the pandemic anticipate any change or will politicians continue to make a mockery out of the legislative discourse.

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