Incidents of moral policing are not new to the citizens of this country. Being judged based on what we’re wearing is also not new to the women of this country. But this time, all of this went overboard.

It was South Indian actor Samyuktha Hegde who faced moral policing this time, and that too, allegedly by Congress leader Kavitha Reddy.

Samyukta Hegde and her friends had gone to a park next to Agara Lake in HSR Layout in Bengaluru city on Friday evening to exercise and practice with their hula hoops. But, to their dismay, the small outing turned into a nightmare, and the actor has alleged that she was heckled by a group of people led by AICC member Kavitha Reddy for wearing a sports bra in a public place.

The actor shared videos of the altercation on Instagram and Twitter. She also went live on Instagram when the altercation took place. These videos clearly show the Congress leader trying to physically abuse Samyuktha Hegde’s friend.

In another video, a man can be clearly seen threatening her that he will tell the media that she was doing drugs. The incident comes in after Sandalwood actor Ragini Dwivedi was arrested by the CCB after drugs were found in her apartment.

Congress leader Kavitha Reddy also called the police to the spot, and in the video she and other members of the crowd are heard saying that Samyuktha and her friends must be booked for public indecency.

“This is so wrong. I had my pullover on. We came here and I removed it and did my warmup. We were just exercising with hula hoops and this woman (referring to Kavitha Reddy) came up to us and started saying that we were being indecent for wearing a ‘sports bra’ in a public place. We were just exercising and now the people here are saying that we consume drugs. Just because the drug case is being talked about, they are accusing us of consuming drugs,” Samyuktha Hedge said in her Instagram live. She also removed her pullover for the camera and for the police to show them what she was wearing inside.

Samyuktha Hegde also alleged that Kavitha Reddy called them ‘cabaret dancers’ and questioned the outfits they were wearing.

According to Samyuktha, the police who arrived at the spot asked her and her friends to leave. However, the crowd which had gathered locked the gate of the park and did not let them leave. A person in the crowd also hit the actor on her hand when she tried to open the gate.

Kavitha and the mob demanded that Samyuktha and her friends should be booked for ‘public indecency’. But the police officer on the spot let them off, agreeing with Samyuktha that they had done nothing wrong.

Kavitha Reddy, however, firmly denied the accusations of moral policing and claimed that the altercation began over Samyuktha and her friends playing ‘loud music’ in the park.

However, in the videos put out by Samyuktha, Kavitha Reddy cannot be heard speaking about loud music but she can be heard commenting on the way the actor was dressed.

Kavitha Reddy accused the actor of a publicity stunt and called her a ‘B grade actor’. She also accused Samyuktha of assaulting the security guard of the park.

Both the actor and the Congress leader seem to have different versions of the story. But, the whole incident just boils down to one question.

Till when will women of this country be told what to wear and what not to wear? Till when will we be judged on the basis of our clothing? When will this moral policing stop?

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