Karan-Kangana & the other nasty fights in Bollywood


B-town celebs are know for their fake camaraderie. The fake air-kisses and love is usually limited to cameras and Twitter.
But last week a very viscous fight broke between producer Karan Johar and actress Kangana Ranaut.

Well, for the uninitiated the fight began after the Kofee with Karan episode featuring Kangana was broadcast on air. The ‘Queen’ called KJo a flag bearer of nepotism in Bollywood and slammed him only working with those who had a surname.

A Toothpick to Leverage a Sledgehammer

National News

Article by: Wg Cdr Ravindran Achuthan (Retd.)
Very often in life, it pays not to act on a problem. The inaction provides an intended catalyst for a changed yet favorable scenario in future. In case of state craft, this tactic can offer changed dimensions merely due to flow of time and there strategic advantages.
In the case of Sino-Indian relationship, the issue of Masood Azhar can hardly be called strategic.

Even the much hyped attempt for entry into Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG), if nuclear experts and strategic experts are to be believed, does not offer India any strategic advantage. This is because the Indo-US nuclear deal and the subsequent deals signed with other countries have already given India most of the strategic advantage that it has sought. This, in other words, reduces the issue to mere symbolism or at best, something to dish out to the domestic audience.

Twist of Taste to Fish Fry! 


Image and Recipe Courtesy: Deepshikha     (www.recipesnliving.com)

What’s a typical Malayali dinner without fish? Well, nothing! But why settle for the ordinary fish curry?

This modern spin to the regular fish fry will leave you asking for more. Wondering what’s cooking? Look no further, because we are preparing Rava Fish Curry!