The wilderness that is too green. Silence that can soothe your nerves. This is the unseen side of Goa for you. A place that can help you relax, unwind and forget all your worries. While many may prefer to head to Goa to party, this blogs aims to help the tourist unwind at all the places known and unknown.

The Churches of South Goa

After Vasco Da Gama landed in Goa in 1498, the Portuguese used this port City to plunder India’s wealth. Soon missionaries arrived and construction of massive churches began. The Churches of South Goa have the distinct of being named as the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

* Basilica of Bom Jesus:

Dedicated to Bom Jesus (infant Jesus) this Church is a single nave (room) building. It houses the relics of St Francis. The main altar is made of gold.

*Church of St Francis of Assisi

Dedicated to St Francis of Assisi, The most unique feature of this church is the facade and unique painting on the wall (called as frescoes). It also houses several paintings that have a grandeur to them

*Chapel of Santa Catrina

Built after Afonso Albuquerque captured Goa, this nearly deserted Chapel was once ordained to be a Cathedral by the Pope!

*Ruins of St Augustine

These ruins are a reminder of a glorious past Goa nurtured. While the church collapse in the 19th century, it offers 21st century a glimpse into Goa’s history.

*Se Cathedral

Dedicated to the Catherine Of Alexandria, this is the biggest Church built by Portuguese in Goa.

*St Cajetan Church

Based on St Peter’s Basilica this church was built by Italians and houses the statues of St Paul, St John, St Peter & St Matthew.

*Viceroy’s Arch

This is very close to St Cajetan’s church, this was built by Vasco Da Gama’s grandson to commemorate liberation of Portugal from Spain.

*Beaches of Goa:

Ditch the famous Anjuna, Baga or Colva beach, here is what we recommend:

1) Majorda Beach

2) Mira Mar Beach

3) Arossim Beach

Dona Paula

Places to eat

Martin’s Corner

Also try street food

Can try: Sev Puri (RS 30 in Panjim)

Also visit:

Our Lady of Immaculate Conception, Panjim


HeliTaxii Service now in Bengaluru

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The heavy traffic en route the Kempegowda International Airport is something every passenger dreads. But all thanks to the HeliTaxii Service introduced by Kochi based Thumby Aviation, relief is in store for passengers.

The helicopter taxi services aim to ferry passengers between Kempegowda International Airport and the Electronic City within 15 minutes, a fry cry from the previous 3 hour ride to the Airport.

The HeliTaxii service due to be launched on February 21 will initially have only 2 Bell 407 choppers. These choppers are capable of carrying either 6 or 13 passenger. While one chopper ferries passengers, the second will remain on standby.

The HeliTaxii service is linked to 90 helipads across the silicon city, but as of now, clearance for operational purpose has been given to one helipad on Residency Road.

Passengers will be chauffeured from the Airport terminal to the helipad or vice-versa in a car.

The prices however could be a major factor in determining the success of this initiative. The services of this 15 minute ride have been priced at Rs 3500 + taxes for each passenger travelling between Electronic City and Kempegowda International Airport.

Not just within Bengaluru, Helicopter services will be extended to other parts of Karnataka.

Travel Blog: Visit to UNESCO World Heritage Site Elephanta Caves

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Blog by Isheeta Bali

Mumbai: It’s called as a city of dreams, a city full of skyscrapers. An overcrowded place that is bursting at its seams. But what if someone told you, that just miles away from this city, lies an island that gives you a glimpse of India’s glorious past? A nature’s paradise nestled away from the hustle. A place so unique that is a part of UNESCO World Heritage Site List.. Yes, this is …The Elephanta Island.