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At News caravan, we believe that journalism, especially in India needs to be overhauled in order to bring unbiased and fact based reporting.

We are a small team of News Buffs endeavouring to bring factual and curated news from around the world.

Isheeta BBali

Dr. Isheeta Bali

Co Founder & Editor – News Caravan

Isheeta, is the editorial head and Co Founder of News Caravan. She has been associated with English news channels based out of India.

Isheeta is a Dental Surgeon by training and holds a post graduate diploma in Freelance & Feature Journalism from London School of Journalism.

Dr Ieshan Bali

Dr. Ieshan Bali

Co FounderNews Caravan

Dr. Ieshan is a Dental Surgeon by training with specialization in Healthcare Administration and healthcare analytics.

Ieshan believes in leveraging technology to solve real life problems. Apart from his keen interest in technology, Ieshan is a News Buff and enjoys writing on International Affairs and Healthcare

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