In exactly 14 months, the coalition government of Karnataka collapsed.

The government failed to secure the trust by a margin of 4 votes. While BJP secured 105 votes, Congress-JDS only had 99 votes. This means 20 MLAs skipped the session bringing down the total to 204.

The magic number was 103 & coalition didn’t have the numbers during the trust vote.

The coalition had tried hard to delay the trust vote. Every tactic in the rule book was tried and after 4 days of intense debate and face off, the trust vote took place.

The session witnessed a Division Vote wherein head count of MLAs took place in the assembly. Following the vote count it was clear Kumaraswamy didn’t have the numbers.

The Chief Minister then submitted his resignation to the Governor.

The Governor then immediately accepted his resignation and requested him to continue as a caretaker CM

What next in Karnataka?

What happens next in the big question on everyone’s mind. BJP President Yeddyurappa is expected to stake claim after meeting the Governor Vajubhai Vala.

Fate of the 15 rebel MLAs remains unknown. As the speaker is yet to accept or reject their resignations.

Scenario 1:

If their resignations are accepted, there could be re-election on their seats, which means the tussle for power could extend

Scenario 2:

If resignations are rejected, then under anti-defection law they could be disqualified as the whip remains. This drama could also escalate in Supreme Court.

BSP in the meanwhile also sacked its lone MLA for defying the party whip. The MLA was asked to cast his vote for the coalition, but he refrained from the proceedings

Situation in Bengaluru

Meanwhile section 144 was imposed in the capital city of Bengaluru. However once the reports of trust vote results emerged, BJP supporters celebrated the win.



BJP MP Tejasvi Surya’s speech in the Lok Sabha on July 10th sparked off a new interest in the NRC debate. The BJP leader urged the Centre and the Home Ministry to extend National Register of Citizens to Karnataka as there were ‘40,000 illegal Bangladeshis’ living in the state.


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The Ministry of Defence has put an end to questions over the venue of Aero India 2019. The Ministry of Defence in a press release said that the Aero Show 2019 will be held in Bengaluru between February 20 and 24. This event is said to combine a trade exhibition for the aerospace and defence industries alongside public air shows.

Remember, the upcoming Aero India had recently sparked a row after U.P CM Yogi Adityanath had appealed to Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman to host the show in Lucknow. His request had irked several leaders in Karnataka.

PTI quoted sources from Defence Ministry saying that they had received requests from other states including Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan and Odisha to host the next Aero India Show. Experts feel that moving the venue would prove to be detrimental as Bengaluru is a home to Indian Aviation and Space with both HAL and ISRO being headquartered in the city.

There was a speculation that the Aero show 2019 would give a boost to the Defence Corridor which is coming up in Lucknow. Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister had asked the Defence Minister and urged her to hold the event in his state. This irked the Karnataka State congress and they hit out at they hit out at the Defence Minister telling her that being a Rajya Sabha member from Karnataka, she had to protect the interest of the state and retain the show in Bengaluru. Karnataka Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy also wrote to PM Narendra Modi about the show and urged him to retain the show in the city. BJP Karnataka on the other hand remained tight-lipped over the issue and were accused of remaining mute spectators to the injustice meted out to the people of Karnataka.

The Ministry of Defence has now put an end to all speculations regarding the venue of the show and has announced officially that Aero India 2019 will be held in the city of Bengaluru.


HeliTaxii Service now in Bengaluru

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The heavy traffic en route the Kempegowda International Airport is something every passenger dreads. But all thanks to the HeliTaxii Service introduced by Kochi based Thumby Aviation, relief is in store for passengers.

The helicopter taxi services aim to ferry passengers between Kempegowda International Airport and the Electronic City within 15 minutes, a fry cry from the previous 3 hour ride to the Airport.

The HeliTaxii service due to be launched on February 21 will initially have only 2 Bell 407 choppers. These choppers are capable of carrying either 6 or 13 passenger. While one chopper ferries passengers, the second will remain on standby.

The HeliTaxii service is linked to 90 helipads across the silicon city, but as of now, clearance for operational purpose has been given to one helipad on Residency Road.

Passengers will be chauffeured from the Airport terminal to the helipad or vice-versa in a car.

The prices however could be a major factor in determining the success of this initiative. The services of this 15 minute ride have been priced at Rs 3500 + taxes for each passenger travelling between Electronic City and Kempegowda International Airport.

Not just within Bengaluru, Helicopter services will be extended to other parts of Karnataka.