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The year was 1947 and Sardar Vallabhai Patel was a tense man. India had just witnessed partition, and apart from managing the refugees that were coming in large numbers from the newly formed state of Pakistan, Sardar Patel had been given another very important job by Pandit Jawarharlal Nehru : Integration Of Indian states.

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At the time of partition, India had 562 princely States and 17 British provinces. If India needed to develop economically, some sort of integration was needed. While handling the 17 provinces was easy, Sardar Patel had a tough time trying to integrate 562 princely states across India.

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At the time of partition, Viceroy Lord Mountbatten proposed the ‘Mountbatten Plan’ where in, the princely states had the option of joining either India, Pakistan or remaining independent. Just like the Raja of Kashmir, the Nizam of Hyderabad Osman Ali Khan chose to remain independent, despite it being an unviable option for the King and his subjects.

Importance of Hyderabad:

Hyderabad was a prosperous princely state which roads, railway lines and airway developed even before independence. What’s more, Hyderabadi currency was stronger than India’s Rupee. In fact at the time of Independence the Nizam was richest man in India.

Operation Polo:

While the leader was a benevolent leader, his military aides also known as Razakars were known for their barbarity. They tortured several people especially Hindus and there was communal tension in Hyderabad in September, 1948. Sardar Patel, who was desperate to integrate Hyderabad with India, realized the importance of this situation and launched Operation Polo.

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The operation was headed by Major General Choudhari. One division of Indian Army went to Hyderabad and cracked down on the Nizam and his Razakars. Within 5 days that is from September 13 to September 18, 1948 the operation was over. The Nizam was overthrown and Hyderabad became a part of India.

Major Gen Choudhari became the Military governor of the state till December 1949 and Nizam became the Rajpramukh of the state. He held this position until 1956. The state is witnessed its first elections in 1952 and B K Rao became it’s first Chief Minister.

Why Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Hyderabad is just a PR exercise

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Beggars were removed. Walls were cleaned up. A city was spruced up. But have you wondered why India, Telangana and US were in an overdrive mode for Global Entrepreneurship Summit?

Telangana pips Andhra:

For Telangana, one of India’s youngest state, this summit was a victory in the battle of ego. KCR toiled hard to ensure the event was held in Hyderabad, ensuring a victory over rival/neighbouring/sister state of Andhra Pradesh.

Modi’s diplomatic charm offensive:

This summit will benefit Prime Minister Narendra Modi in many ways. Not only will this bolster his image across the globe as a World Leader but will also attract his most hardcore fans- the NRIs. PM Modi is pro-capitalist and what better way to attract entrepreneurs than a summit?

PR exercise for Ivanka?

At W20 summit earlier this year Ivanka was booed. A major embarrassment for the young lady who aims to be her father’s political inheritor. Global Entrepreneurship Summit is her first major solo venture as the Advisor to White House. Many believe that she could be the First Woman President America has been waiting for. The theme of this summit is woman empowerment : a clear alignment with her political strategy.

But can Ivanka really change the tide? Can this summit propel her image as a female crusader of change? Only history can be a better judge of that. But if Ivanka seeks a long-standing political career, she will have to outshine her eccentric father and her prodigal husband.

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