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The Ministry of Defence has put an end to questions over the venue of Aero India 2019. The Ministry of Defence in a press release said that the Aero Show 2019 will be held in Bengaluru between February 20 and 24. This event is said to combine a trade exhibition for the aerospace and defence industries alongside public air shows.

Remember, the upcoming Aero India had recently sparked a row after U.P CM Yogi Adityanath had appealed to Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman to host the show in Lucknow. His request had irked several leaders in Karnataka.

PTI quoted sources from Defence Ministry saying that they had received requests from other states including Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan and Odisha to host the next Aero India Show. Experts feel that moving the venue would prove to be detrimental as Bengaluru is a home to Indian Aviation and Space with both HAL and ISRO being headquartered in the city.

There was a speculation that the Aero show 2019 would give a boost to the Defence Corridor which is coming up in Lucknow. Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister had asked the Defence Minister and urged her to hold the event in his state. This irked the Karnataka State congress and they hit out at they hit out at the Defence Minister telling her that being a Rajya Sabha member from Karnataka, she had to protect the interest of the state and retain the show in Bengaluru. Karnataka Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy also wrote to PM Narendra Modi about the show and urged him to retain the show in the city. BJP Karnataka on the other hand remained tight-lipped over the issue and were accused of remaining mute spectators to the injustice meted out to the people of Karnataka.

The Ministry of Defence has now put an end to all speculations regarding the venue of the show and has announced officially that Aero India 2019 will be held in the city of Bengaluru.



India’s youngest state:- Telangana, all set to face polls


Telangana which is one the youngest states in the country is all set to face elections in less than 5 years of its formation. After months of speculation, Chief Minister and TRS President K Chandrashekhar Rao finally announced that his party was ready to face polls.

His announcement did not come as a surprise. He chose his lucky number 6, in this scenario September 6th, to make the announcement. But what did come as a surprise was the fact that his party is going solo for the election. He refused to side with any national party. In fact, he went to launch a scathing attack against Congress. He even went to call out Congress President Rahul Gandhi as a buffoon for hugging Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Parliament during the No-Confidence Motion Debate.

KCR will in fact begin his political campaigning from Friday, 7th September. While the Chief Minister said that elections would be held in November, there was no official confirmation in this regard from Election Commission.

In the press conference, KCR also claimed that he has ”completed 99.9% of the work” promised by him, his critics however feel otherwise.
With the Governor now in charge, the Caretaker CM is expected to leave no stone unturned to ensure his sacrifice doesn’t go in vain.

With almost 9 months ahead of the scheduled poll, many feel this step is a political hara-kiri by KCR. However there could be several reasons behind this move. If scheduled with the general elections, public sentiment could work in favour of other parties which have much popular faces. Also if elections are held now, KCR could woo the general public in his state minus all the hype surrounding the national politics. Secondly KCR could use the good monsoon and bumper crop yield to attract rural votes now. Plus he can beat the anti-incumbency factor now as waiting for another year could hurt his chances given the mounting opposition against his working style.

Regardless of whether KCR wins the polls or not, the big question is will India’s youngest state survive this unexpected/expected political turmoil unleashed by the very man who created it? Will TRS sweep Telangana or will any other political veteran steal the show?



The wilderness that is too green. Silence that can soothe your nerves. This is the unseen side of Goa for you. A place that can help you relax, unwind and forget all your worries. While many may prefer to head to Goa to party, this blogs aims to help the tourist unwind at all the places known and unknown.

The Churches of South Goa

After Vasco Da Gama landed in Goa in 1498, the Portuguese used this port City to plunder India’s wealth. Soon missionaries arrived and construction of massive churches began. The Churches of South Goa have the distinct of being named as the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

* Basilica of Bom Jesus:

Dedicated to Bom Jesus (infant Jesus) this Church is a single nave (room) building. It houses the relics of St Francis. The main altar is made of gold.

*Church of St Francis of Assisi

Dedicated to St Francis of Assisi, The most unique feature of this church is the facade and unique painting on the wall (called as frescoes). It also houses several paintings that have a grandeur to them

*Chapel of Santa Catrina

Built after Afonso Albuquerque captured Goa, this nearly deserted Chapel was once ordained to be a Cathedral by the Pope!

*Ruins of St Augustine

These ruins are a reminder of a glorious past Goa nurtured. While the church collapse in the 19th century, it offers 21st century a glimpse into Goa’s history.

*Se Cathedral

Dedicated to the Catherine Of Alexandria, this is the biggest Church built by Portuguese in Goa.

*St Cajetan Church

Based on St Peter’s Basilica this church was built by Italians and houses the statues of St Paul, St John, St Peter & St Matthew.

*Viceroy’s Arch

This is very close to St Cajetan’s church, this was built by Vasco Da Gama’s grandson to commemorate liberation of Portugal from Spain.

*Beaches of Goa:

Ditch the famous Anjuna, Baga or Colva beach, here is what we recommend:

1) Majorda Beach

2) Mira Mar Beach

3) Arossim Beach

Dona Paula

Places to eat

Martin’s Corner

Also try street food

Can try: Sev Puri (RS 30 in Panjim)

Also visit:

Our Lady of Immaculate Conception, Panjim

Why Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Hyderabad is just a PR exercise

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Beggars were removed. Walls were cleaned up. A city was spruced up. But have you wondered why India, Telangana and US were in an overdrive mode for Global Entrepreneurship Summit?

Telangana pips Andhra:

For Telangana, one of India’s youngest state, this summit was a victory in the battle of ego. KCR toiled hard to ensure the event was held in Hyderabad, ensuring a victory over rival/neighbouring/sister state of Andhra Pradesh.

Modi’s diplomatic charm offensive:

This summit will benefit Prime Minister Narendra Modi in many ways. Not only will this bolster his image across the globe as a World Leader but will also attract his most hardcore fans- the NRIs. PM Modi is pro-capitalist and what better way to attract entrepreneurs than a summit?

PR exercise for Ivanka?

At W20 summit earlier this year Ivanka was booed. A major embarrassment for the young lady who aims to be her father’s political inheritor. Global Entrepreneurship Summit is her first major solo venture as the Advisor to White House. Many believe that she could be the First Woman President America has been waiting for. The theme of this summit is woman empowerment : a clear alignment with her political strategy.

But can Ivanka really change the tide? Can this summit propel her image as a female crusader of change? Only history can be a better judge of that. But if Ivanka seeks a long-standing political career, she will have to outshine her eccentric father and her prodigal husband.

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Blog by Isheeta Bali

Travel Blog: Visit to UNESCO World Heritage Site Elephanta Caves

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Blog by Isheeta Bali

Mumbai: It’s called as a city of dreams, a city full of skyscrapers. An overcrowded place that is bursting at its seams. But what if someone told you, that just miles away from this city, lies an island that gives you a glimpse of India’s glorious past? A nature’s paradise nestled away from the hustle. A place so unique that is a part of UNESCO World Heritage Site List.. Yes, this is …The Elephanta Island.


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My dear Indians, on the auspicious occasion of Independence Day, my wishes to all my fellow Indians. The entire nation, along with the independence spirit, is celebrating Janmashtami as well. I can see in huge numbers in front of me some young Krishnas. From Lord Krishna to Mahatma Gandhi, our country has a rich historical, cultural heritage.




“What we measure informs what we do. And if we’re measuring the wrong thing, we’re going to do the wrong thing.”

Joseph Stiglitz

Nobel Laureate in Economic Sciences (2001)

In an election rally in UP, PM Narendra Modi recently took a jibe at the economists criticizing demonetization. He quoted the new GDP growth data released by Central statistical Organisation, which puts the growth rate at 7 per cent in the third quarter of the financial year 2016-17.  For decades now, GDP and its growth thereof, has been regularly cited in discussions related to the economic progress. China for one has remained obsessed with the growth so much so that as to set specific targets for GDP growth in its annual and five year plans.

A Toothpick to Leverage a Sledgehammer

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Article by: Wg Cdr Ravindran Achuthan (Retd.)
Very often in life, it pays not to act on a problem. The inaction provides an intended catalyst for a changed yet favorable scenario in future. In case of state craft, this tactic can offer changed dimensions merely due to flow of time and there strategic advantages.
In the case of Sino-Indian relationship, the issue of Masood Azhar can hardly be called strategic.