Why Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Hyderabad is just a PR exercise

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Beggars were removed. Walls were cleaned up. A city was spruced up. But have you wondered why India, Telangana and US were in an overdrive mode for Global Entrepreneurship Summit?

Telangana pips Andhra:

For Telangana, one of India’s youngest state, this summit was a victory in the battle of ego. KCR toiled hard to ensure the event was held in Hyderabad, ensuring a victory over rival/neighbouring/sister state of Andhra Pradesh.

Modi’s diplomatic charm offensive:

This summit will benefit Prime Minister Narendra Modi in many ways. Not only will this bolster his image across the globe as a World Leader but will also attract his most hardcore fans- the NRIs. PM Modi is pro-capitalist and what better way to attract entrepreneurs than a summit?

PR exercise for Ivanka?

At W20 summit earlier this year Ivanka was booed. A major embarrassment for the young lady who aims to be her father’s political inheritor. Global Entrepreneurship Summit is her first major solo venture as the Advisor to White House. Many believe that she could be the First Woman President America has been waiting for. The theme of this summit is woman empowerment : a clear alignment with her political strategy.

But can Ivanka really change the tide? Can this summit propel her image as a female crusader of change? Only history can be a better judge of that. But if Ivanka seeks a long-standing political career, she will have to outshine her eccentric father and her prodigal husband.

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It has been 30 days since the 5o0 and 1000 rupee notes were demonetised and the opposition used it as an opportunity to observe Black Day at the parliament.while 200 MPs protested it was Rahul Gandhi who spearhead the scathing attack.


This is not a bold decision, it is a foolish decision which has been taken without any due consideration. It has devastated the poor, the farmers, the daily wage workers. We want to have a discussion. We want a vote, the government doesn’t.


The Prime Minister’s narrative has changed. It started by saying it’s against black money, then terrorism, then counterfeit currency and now cashless economy.


If I am allowed to speak in Lok Sabha, I will show to all how Paytm means ‘Pay to Modi’. The idea behind cashless economy is that a few people must get maximum benefits from these transactions. This has damaged the nation. If he comes to the House for debate, we won’t let him run.


A ‘golden’ move to curb corruption?

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After demonetizing 500 and 1000 rupee notes,the centre has decided to implement another idea.

  • Now married women can possess 500 grams of Gold, 250gm per unmarried women as also 100gm per male member of the family.
  • Section 115BBE of the Income Tax Act provides for a steep 60 per cent tax and a 25 per cent surcharge on gold holders.
  • Additional 10 per cent penalty on being established that the wealth is unaccounted or black money.
  • Not applicable on ancestral jewels

Mamata Banarjee and Arvind Kejriwal take on NDA

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In a massive show of strength, chief ministers of Delhi and West Bengal took on prime minister Narendra Modi over his move to demonetise 500 and 1000 rupees. Here is an excerpt of their speech.

Aage toh chhodo, desh ko peecha kar diya. Earlier it was Rs 4500, now they have reduce the withdrawal limit to Rs 2000.They want to sell this country.They are trying to break the constitution. We cannot allow that. If you have courage, send us to jail or shoot us. But we will continue fighting. We will not allow the poor to go hungry. We will continue to fight for this country.



I had raised the name of Robert Vadra at a time when people were scared to take his name.I will be at the forefront of every fight against black money. By withdrawing Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes and introducing higher Rs 2000 notes, how are you removing black money.PM Modi helped Vijay Mallya escape the country. Mallya is now sitting and enjoying in London. Common people are standing in queues. People’s marriages are being broken and there are others killing themselves. Who is responsible for their deaths



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Even as the crowds at ATMs and banks grew longer, the government has come up with a unique solution to combat the cash crunch that has severely affected the country. Speaking at a press conference Economic Affairs Secretary Shaktikanta Das announced that indelible ink would be used at banks to stop multiple withdrawals. He also announced the creation of a Special Task Force to monitor fake currency that was being circulated in the market.

‘To solve this problem we have decided to use indelible ink marks,similar to elections,on cash counters.’



Places of worship, who receive smaller denomination notes, have been requested to deposit money in banks so that supply of these notes increased.

Opposition takes on Prime Minister Narendra Modi

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The political war of words over the issue of demonetisation hit the  crescendo after opposition put on a united front against the ruling NDA.

BSP, Congress and the AAP held three separate press conferences and this is what they had to say.

“After demonetisation, the poor are enjoying a sound sleep while rich are running from pillar to post to buy sleeping pills” -Arvind Kejriwal, AAP

“Whatever may be the differences, political parties should not shy away from voicing the concern of the people so as to address the grievances” – Randeep Singh Surjewala, Congress

“In order to divert people’s attention from his failures, Modi levels baseless allegations against his poltical opponents which is condemnable…allegations on policy matters are different but personal ones should not be made…he cannot tolerate that a dalit ki beti is presented garland of notes” -Mayawati,BSP