Short Story written by Abanti Chattopadhyay

Ashvini hated to pack. The idea of cramming all her articles into one ratty, browning backpack was as unappetizing, as picking up a stray wet hair from the bathroom floor. She felt myopic – never knowing what exactly to take, and what she could do without. And at the end of it, she would always forget something.

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The Congress-JDS alliance in Karnataka is in trouble. Congress minister DK Shivakumar claimed that BJP was poaching their leaders as a part of Operation Lotus 2.0. The senior Congress leader claimed that three Congress leaders- who were previously approached by BJP – are now lodged in a Mumbai hotel, sparking speculations of horse trading.

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Massive fire broke out in Kamala Mills Compound at 12:30am this morning (December 29). This Commercial hub houses several media firms, companies and restaurants. The fire apparently broke out at ‘1 Above’ restaurant located in the Mill Compound and soon spread to Mojos, another restuarant which is close to ‘1 Above’. Our reporters were present in the vicinity of the incident and and here are … Continue reading NewsCaravan Exclusive: KAMALA MILLS FIRE TRAGEDY

Travel Blog: Visit to UNESCO World Heritage Site Elephanta Caves

Blog by Isheeta Bali

Mumbai: It’s called as a city of dreams, a city full of skyscrapers. An overcrowded place that is bursting at its seams. But what if someone told you, that just miles away from this city, lies an island that gives you a glimpse of India’s glorious past? A nature’s paradise nestled away from the hustle. A place so unique that is a part of UNESCO World Heritage Site List.. Yes, this is …The Elephanta Island.

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