It’s a dog eats dog world out there. The competition is stiff and the money involved is big! In the bid to out do their rival and capture the market, companies sometimes get involved in petty drama. Take a look at how big Indian companies or corporate firms took on each other because of fierce market competition.

Times Now versus CNN-News18

Couple of years back, CNN-News18 called themselves the numero uno of Indian news but India’s self proclaimed number 1 channel Times Now took major offense to it. They released data (36 weeks of it, mind you) from BARC and even went on take their rivals head on by asking questions like, “What’s the desperation CNN?” and “Release the real numbers”. But sadly, the nation did not want to know the answer!

Pepsi versus Coca-Cola

When asked about, who they thought their real competition was, Coca-Cola India had this to say….

“Our real competition is water, tea, nimbupani and Pepsi… in that order.”

For these two American companies, battle fields have been many and India was one among them. This corporate war reached its crescendo in the late 90s when the two indulged in a bitter ad war. This went on for years before both sides realised how silly the entire fight was.

The Hindu versus Times of India

Known for its no-nonsense approach to news, The Hindu, is popular among the older readers. But the Chennai edition of TOI used this as a ploy to attack the Hindu, and they asked The Hindu readers “Stuck with news that puts you to sleep?”. Staying true to their classy self, The Hindu simply released a full front page ad saying, “Stay ahead of the Times”

Colgate versus Pepsodent

After Pepsodent claimed that they were 130% superior than Colgate, the latter dragged the former to the court. “India’s most recommended brand by a dentist” was upset with Pepsodent and asked the court to intervene. Colgate’s claims were set aside by the Delhi High Court. But Pepsodent was panned for using Colgate’s name in the ad. Who knew those pearly whites would cause so much drama.

What India Expects from Budget 2018

National News

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley is all set to present his last full budget tommorow in Parliament.

Here is a list of what India expects


Raise in upper limit of income tax ceiling

Tax relief for senior citizens

Further reduction of taxes in GST

Exemption of taxation on essential commodities like sanitary napkin, medicines and food

Reduction in corporate tax rates & Minimum Alternative Tax

Remove tax on angel investors

Remove tax on digital services


Encourage micro-credit for farmers

Reduce waivers on fertilizers & allied products

Investment in micro-irrigation projects

Waive off loans on farmers

Invest in ‘in-situ’ processing units to reduce dependency on transport

Invest in cold storage plants


Revive banks with non-performing assests

Simplify procedures for insolvency

Incentives for digital monetary transactions

Encourage long term investments


Increase investment into infrastructure projects

Increase investment in waterways

Focus on Railway Infrastructure & safety

Auto sector

Reduce import tax on raw material

Lower GST rates on electric vehicles

Real estate sector

single-window clearance for all real estate projects

Reduce taxes on under-construction projects

Focus on sustainable, cheap housing projects

Energy sector

Focus on clean energy sector

Provide incentives for alternate & clean fuel

Incentives for solar projects

Reduce cess on oil and gas exploration and production

Metals and mining sector

Decrease customs duty on coking coal

Decrease in export duty on iron ore